Hurry Up & Relax: Nourishing Intentions

One of my mentors, Dr. Randine Lewis, author of The Infertility Cure and The Way of the Fertile Soul once framed ‘fertility’ in a workshop in one question: “What is it in you that wants to reproduce?”

I was talking to a patient today about the timeline of her upcoming IVF cycle. On the one hand, she feels that it is critical to do it right away, as soon as possible. The clock is ticking and she is only getting older. On the other hand, the coming months will be full and stressful, her partner will be away for work, and she herself will be busy and away tending to very important and emotional family matters. She is leaning toward giving herself more time, but she knows that I support her unconditionally no matter what she decides. 

We boiled it down to picturing how she would like to go into the cycle, keeping in mind that it is a colossal investment – financially, physically and energetically. Is this something she wants to rush into out of fear and panic? Is it something she wants to squeeze into her schedule and juggle with a million other things? Or is it something she wants to go into with confidence, knowing that she is doing everything that she can to support herself and nurture this new life that she is inviting in? Is it something that she wants to take a bit of time to prepare for and embark on with some mindful intention?

In the end, taking another month or two to prepare, nourish the soil and make sure that the conditions are ripe and ideal for an optimal and vital seed to grow can only be beneficial. Especially if it means aiming for a more ideal time, when there is more mental space to be present for yourself, your body and what you are welcoming into your life.

I recently asked another patient how she was feeling as she was nearing the end of her three-month Laser Baby Program in preparation for an IVF cycle. She shared that she felt really great and noticed positive changes with her cycles having healthier flow and that she also felt an overall increased sense of calm. She laughed at the irony of it seeming kind of hectic with trying to schedule all of her appointments, but then ultimately reaping the benefits of having all these mandated pockets of self-care and relaxation throughout the weeks.

So hurry up and relax friends! What is it in you that wants to reproduce? Nourish this with your intention and make space in yourself and your life for that which you want to welcome..

Dr. Alda Ngo

Alda Ngo