Success with Endometriosis: 8 Years Later

Commuting along the seawall is my favourite part of summer. My even more favourite part of summer is running into people that I know, with their sunshiny smiling faces. I find when the Vancouver sun comes out, it invites the sunshine in all of us to come out.  Last week, I ran into two especially beautiful faces, that I hadn’t seen in about 8 years. The last time I had seen one of those faces, it was a wee newborn one, and to see it all grown up with dimples and a toothy grin completely made my day.

This was a dear former patient who had been diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis after several years of unsuccessfully trying to conceive. Her reproductive endocrinologist informed her that she had less than a 20% chance of conceiving naturally with her partner. She was advised that their best bet was to pursue IVF, but that she would have to take some medications for a period of time to try to control the endometriosis before she could even move forward with IVF.

This news was devastating to her, it didn’t resonate with her to take the medications and she wasn’t ready to pursue IVF yet. She wanted to see if she could try to address things naturally instead. Her research led her to Acubalance, where I was happy to support her goals. We worked together for some time with weekly acupuncture treatments, daily herbs, diet changes, an exercise regime, and supplements.

Her case was definitely a tougher one, but after a few months, her endometriosis symptoms subsided. Her periods were no longer painful or heavy, and her menstrual flow became healthy and smooth with minimal clotting. Her energy levels improved and overall, she felt empowered and optimistic. Her husband cleaned up his diet, took supplements and came in for acupuncture too.

After about 10 months, they conceived naturally but unfortunately, she miscarried. They were sad, but hope was sparked and we continued on our trajectory. After a few months, she became pregnant again and gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

8 years later, our paths cross again, her and her bright-eyed, sassy and scraped-kneed little girl. She re-introduced me to her daughter, saying: “ This lady helped make you!” Nothing quite better than the look on her little face, with exasperated eyebrows raised high at her mom.

She was a dedicated, stalwart and courageous patient and a sheer joy to work with. She came in discouraged, we put a sparkle back in her eye, and now that sparkle is an 8–year-old girl, skipping along the seawall. I've had her contagious skip in my step and heart since I saw them... I do love how the sun brings shine to summer days.

Dr. Alda Ngo

Alda Ngo