My Story: Room for More Love

When I was asked to share our story, I didn't even hesitate. But now that it's out there, I am feeling shy about it. I guess that's what Infertility Awareness Week is all about. So with a deep breath, and with my partner's permission, this is an offering to honour all the other #1in6.

1 in 6 have trouble conceiving, and research shows that they experience stress, anxiety, and depression at levels comparable to those with serious illness, like cancer. There is nothing more humbling than to know that not even the deepest longing is enough to make a planted seed grow to fruition on demand. Not even with the noblest of intentions or creation of the most ideal conditions. Life boldly reminded us that she unfolds in her own way and in her own time. It was up to us to be as healthy and inviting to life as we could be and to accept, surrender and make peace with everything else. She broke our hearts, but only to make room for more love.

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