Heroes of Endometriosis

March is endometriosis awareness month, and before it draws to a close, I want to acknowledge the courageous and resilient women I know and don’t know who struggle with this condition.

Once in awhile I will encounter a patient who endures being on the very severe end of the spectrum of endometriosis. For these people, surgery is definitely the best option, and sometimes they will even undergo multiple procedures. Chinese Medicine treatment plays a supportive role pre- and post-operatively, with symptom relief and then with the prevention of recurrence.

This condition can present in so many different ways. Here are links to a couple of my favourite success stories:

Roop’s story: severe endometriosis and adenomyosis

Success with stage 4 endometriosis: 8 years later

Also check out Roop’s website, which she has generously put together to raise awareness for endometriosis. With her medical background as a registered nurse, she has learned so much through her own struggles with this condition. Roop is taking her place in being a part of the movement to educate, inform and connect those who share her experience. Deep respect to her and all those who live with the challenges of endometriosis- what amazing, strong, resourceful and tenacious people!

Dr. Alda Ngo