Thanks to Impermanence, Everything is Possible

Thanks to impermanence, everything is possible. ~Thich Nhat Hanh

Change is uncomfortable for me. I love adventure, but I am also a creature of habit- I like things to be just so and I get to love things the way I know them to be. It is with a mix of emotions that I will be making a move across the mountains to Edmonton next month with my family.

We are happy to be moving closer to our families, and to be nearer to our aging parents, but Acubalance has been my work-home for over 11 years. I feel like I inter-am with this place and its people- my colleagues and my patients. I have grown here both professionally and personally. I wouldn’t be the same person without my experience here, and my feeling is that Acubalance wouldn’t be the same without having had me too- we’ve grown together.

Leaving is sad, and separation is hard for me. But when I look deeply, I see each person that I have crossed paths with over these years, has touched me. You’ve touched me with your stories, your thoughts, your perspectives, your feelings, your trust, your courage, your vulnerability, your strength and your generosity. I have learned so much from you and having been changed by you, you have become a part of me. For this, I am grateful, and so I will joyfully carry you all with me to Alberta, where the sky is the ocean, and the horizon is endless..

My last day treating at Acubalance will be August 22nd and I am treasuring each moment between now and then. I would love to see you before I go, please come in for a tune-up, a recharge, a re-set, to get firmly established with a fresh treatment plan or just drop by for a farewell hug!

After this last month at Acubalance, I will be continuing my Practice in September at Whole Family Health in Edmonton. You will be able to find me there, and please let your family and friends in the area know!

I hope to see you!

With big love and gratitude,

Dr. Alda

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