Spring Cleaning for Your Gut

Spring is officially here, days are longer than nights and they are only getting longer! The buds are blooming, it’s time to clear out the old cobwebs and do some Spring cleaning! I always associate this time of year with cleansing and detoxifying.

I usually recommend doing an elimination diet to most of my clients. I find that cutting out gluten, sugar and dairy for a pre-determined period of time helps to effectively break bad eating habit patterns not to mention feeling light and clean in preparation for the warmer more active months of the year.

Why gluten, dairy and sugar? These are the three main culprits in our modern diet that lead to inflammation, which has a negative impact on overall wellness and fertility. A change in diet can be the first line of action in optimizing your fertility. Since we are literally made up of what we eat, a healthy change in diet can translate into a deeply beneficial change in physiology- plus it’s cost effective!

Gluten in particular has been a hot topic. In this month’s issue of Food Solutions Magazine, Dr. Aviva Romm explains the effects of gluten on fertility. She explains that gluten can interfere with fertility in four ways.

Firstly, gluten causes chronic inflammation in the gut and throughout the body. Secondly, it irritates the lining of the small intestine, inhibiting absorption and leading to nutritional deficiencies. Thirdly, it disrupts gut flora, which in turn disrupts vaginal flora, possibly leading to prevention of conception and/or implantation. And lastly, gluten can be linked to autoimmune conditions and hypothyroidism, both potentially running interference with pregnancy as well.

Dr. Romm recommends going off gluten for 3 to 6 months to maximize the potential benefit. I say, lets start with 3 weeks - once you’re in a new food groove, you’ve kicked the cravings, and you feel amazing, 3 to 6 months will be a breeze!

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Alda Ngo