diminished ovarian reserve

acupuncture for diminished ovarian reserve

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I am 38 years old and am expecting my first child. I am writing this blog to all the older moms to tell you not to give up! My husband and I tried to have a baby for over two years. Due to my age, we headed to the fertility clinic for help after one year of trying on our own. Over the next year, we tried two IUI's and two failed IVF’s.  The reason for our failed IVF’s was being called “Diminished Ovarian Reserve” (basically small amount of available eggs and concerns about egg quality). 

After this second failed IVF, we stopped to reflect on our next step.  My husband and I both agreed we would only try one more IVF before moving on to other options. We first thought about doing the last attempt right away but decided to head to Acubalance to consult with Dr. Lorne Brown. Dr. Brown encouraged us not to rush into the last IVF attempt. He encouraged me to try acupuncture, herbs, and supplements. As well, he encouraged me to have my thyroid level checked again as it was higher than the range for women trying to conceive. He was very positive and gave us hope that we would be able to get pregnant.

"Two months into the treatment, I was feeling terrific & started feeling hopeful..."

I started weekly acupuncture with Dr. Alda Ngo, took daily herbs and supplements, and starting taking thyroid medication. Alda was wonderful! She was always kind, caring, and always answered my questions and listened to my concerns. Two months into the treatment, I was feeling terrific and started feeling hopeful that our final IVF attempt would be successful (scheduled to take place in approx. three months). 

To our great surprise and joy, we became pregnant on our own! We can’t thank Alda, Lorne, and the wonderful Acubalance staff enough for all the support they gave us. This miracle would not have happened without Acubalance!